Honda HR-V Features

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Honda HR-V Features

From urban adventures to road trips, the new HR-V is as different as you are. Its roomy interior and Magic Seats ensure everything, and everybody, fit right going.



Sleek Design

The HR-V looks as good coming as it does going with a sporty rear hatch, plus stunning rear combination tail lights featuring LED optical guide stripes* that emit a futuristic glow. Its contemporary coupe appearance and sporty side profile have been designed to make it a car you'll love to see and be seen in. Select the RS model and you’ll get a stylish piano black body kit and chrome accents+.

*LED optical guide stripes available on VTi-S and above. +Exterior chrome accents available on RS and above. RS shown.



The HR-V's looks aren't just skin deep. Its design has purpose. Sleek lines have been engineered to make the car more aerodynamic. But there's no economising when it comes to style. Design touches, like the flowing front grille and poised stance, mean the HR-V cuts a dynamic profile, even when standing still.





When you need to keep your eyes on the road, it's great to know that you've got everything to hand. We've intuitively designed the HR-V cockpit, so that every feature is where you need it ‐ from the elegant dashboard with 7-inch display, to the multi-function steering wheel (VTi-LX shown, auto dimming mirror in VTi-LX only).



No matter where you go, do it with space and style. The generous interior of the HR-V is coupled with little luxuries like stitched finishes, piano black detail and chrome accents+. Choose the sporty RS or luxurious VTi-LX model and you’ll enjoy a leather-appointed interior^ with comfy heated front seats (RS shown).

Interior 2

Illuminated Dials

The HR-V features dials with a difference. They come alive when you look at them, giving you important information with an enchanting illumination.

Interior 2

Electric Parking Brake

Simpler and more convenient, the Electric Parking Brake frees up space, allowing an extended centre console.

Interior 2

Sports Pedals

Often it's the small details that enrich the bigger picture. So when you choose the sporty RS model, you'll receive Honda's exceptionally well-crafted sports pedals as part of the package (RS shown).

Interior 2


There's a secret to the HR-V's miraculous use of space and it lies in the seats themselves. Featuring 18 unique combinations, Honda's Magic Seats adapt effortlessly to let you pack almost anything in.

+Chrome and piano black interior finishes available from VTi-S grade or above. ^Leather-appointed seat trim means some parts of the seats may contain non-leather material.




With a stunning array of tail lights featuring LED guide style tail lights#, the rear of the HR-V is truly a sight to see.



Stand out and see it all with the HR-V's beautifully designed LED headlights+ and Daytime Running Lights.



Every bit as practical as they look, these stunning front fog lights+ lend an authentic SUV quality to the front grille. Made to light up the path ahead in foggy conditions, they're ready to come to the rescue.

RS shown. #LED guide style tail lights available on VTi-S and above. +LED Fog Lights and Headlights available on VTi-S and above.




The athletic look of the HR-V is further enhanced by a range of distinctive alloy wheels.



You can't take the HR-V for granted. At first glance it seems to be a stylish, compact 3-door SUV. Look again and you'll discover 5-door versatility thanks to its two cleverly concealed rear door handles (hint: they're behind the window).



Because you never know where your next adventure could take you, VTi-S models and above feature roof rails as standard.


The power of wherever.

Performance 1


Every contour of the HR-V has been maximised for strength, agility and performance. Reinforced steel and high-efficiency joint structures create incredible stability and rigidity with reduced weight. Its low centre of gravity allows it to hug the road.

Performance 3

Brake Hold

Never again will you spend your time stopped in traffic stepping on the brake pedal. Simply press the automatic Brake Hold button and the system will hold the HR-V in position without you having to step on the brake. The system automatically releases the brake as you press the accelerator pedal so long as the driver's seatbelt is engaged.

Performance 3

Cruise Control

Lock in your perfect cruising speed and the HR-V will do the rest. Not only will it make your trip a breeze, it will optimise your fuel economy.

Performance 3

One Touch Turn Signal

With a gentle push of the turn indicator, HR-V indicates three times before automatically turning off. For continuous indication, just press until you feel it lock into place.

Performance 4


Under hood lies a 1.8L i-VTEC engine perfectly proportioned for this new generation sub-compact SUV. Generating a punchy 105kW of power and 172Nm of pulling power, it's coupled to Honda's state-of the-art Earth Dreams CVT. Adjusting to the driving conditions and ensuring the engine is operating at the most efficient rpm level, the result is a smooth and comfortable drive that's easier on your passengers and your wallet.

Performance 4

Econ Mode

By pressing the ECON button fuel economy is helped further still. Once activated, the transmission and engine are optimised to conserve fuel. For example, a gentler throttle controls power and torque and the air conditioning is set to consume less energy. You might not notice the difference straight away, but you will when you visit the pump a little less often.

RS Shown.


Enjoy complete control.

Technology 2

Multi-Angle Reversing Camera

Get a better view of what's behind you with a multi-angle reversing camera as standard. It can display three different angles: normal, top-down and wide.

Technology 2

Satellite Navigation

Available across the range, Satellite Navigation is right there on the 7-inch colour touchscreen.

Technology 2

Display Audio

This full-colour, high definition display keeps you connected to your world without distracting you from the road. Just tap for easy access to your phone contacts, music and trip information. Allows you to go hands-free with all the functionality of Bluetooth®°. But the best bit? This clever interface comes standard across the range.

Technology 3

Six-Speaker Audio System

Select your playlist and prepare to be surrounded by exceptional sound with the HR-V's beautiful 6-speaker sound system.

Technology 3

Push Button Start

Once inside you need only push the START button while pressing the brake pedal to start the engine. Available on VTi-S models and above.

Technology 3

Smart Keyless Entry

As long as the key fob is in your possession, VTi-S models and above will sense your approach and unlock the doors as soon as you touch the front handles or boot release.

Technology 4

Climate Control

Conduct the interior climate from the front seat using the touchbased control panel. Simply swipe up or down or tap to pinpoint your perfect cruising temperature. Select the VTi-L for dual-zone climate control (as shown).

Technology 4

Heated Front Seats

Wherever you go, you'll arrive in luxurious comfort in the beautiful, leather-appointed seats*. Found exclusively in the VTi-L model, the front seats can be heated — a nice touch, but pure genius in the clutches of winter.

Technology 4

Automatic Wipers

Talk about the perfect accomplice. When the HR-V notices the first signs of rain, it can automatically engage the windscreen wipers. Once the weather has passed, it'll return them to the off position (VTi-S and above).

RS shown. *VTIS and above.

^Leather-appointed seat trim some parts of the seats may contain non-leather material.


With its 5-star ANCAP safety rating, the highest possible assessment, the HR-V is one of the safest drives on the market.

Safety 1
Safety 2

Lane Departure Warning

With a camera designed to identify lane markings, the driver is alerted any time the car begins to stray out of its lane without the turn signal engaged. By alerting the driver with visual and audible warnings, a side-on collision can be easily prevented.

Safety 2

Foward Collision Warning

By monitoring your speed and the closing distance of the vehicle in front of you, Forward Collision Warning is able to alert you in advance to a possible collision when travelling above approximately 15km/h.

Safety 2

High-Beam Support System

Your car doesn't just read the road ‐ it can also read the oncoming traffic. This allows the headlight beams to adjust automatically as the environment changes.

Safety 2

City-Brake Active System

The reason we call them accidents is that we don't expect them to happen. City-Brake Active is Honda's way of minimising the impact of an unavoidable collision at low speed on city streets. The result is less damage to the car and better protection for everyone inside.

Safety 3

Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)

This technology helps keep the HR-V on course in adverse driving conditions by detecting, then mitigating, potential understeer or oversteer. When necessary, VSA automatically reduces engine power and manages brake pressure to individual wheels to help regain control.

Safety 3

Tyre Dflation Warning System

Be alerted long before it becomes an issue. The Tyre Deflation Warning System keeps track of the pressure in all four tyres and reports to you if one is getting low.

Safety 3

Parking Sensors

Slip in or out of tight spots with ease thanks to the HR-V's front and rear parking sensors. These sound a helpful alert to let you know how much space exists between you and the nearest object. Standard on the VTi-L.

Safety 3

Hill Start Assist (HSA)

Hill Start Assist prevents 'roll back' when starting on an incline. The system controls brake pressure, keeping the HR-V stationary for a moment after you release the brake pedal.

RS shown.

*Honda’s Advanced Driver Assist System should not be used in place of safe driving practices. Drivers should continue to monitor the road at all times. The accuracy and operation of Honda’s Advanced Driver Assist System may vary based on weather, speed, traffic, road conditions, markings and other factors. VTi-LX shown. +Overseas model shown for illustration purposes.

*City-Brake Active System operates when the vehicle is travelling between approximately 5-32km/h. City-Brake Active System should not be used in place of safe driving practices. Do not rely on City-Brake Active System to avoid collisions.

+Rear parking sensors available on VTi-S grade and above. ~Front and rear parking sensors available on VTi-LX. RS shown.

* The Drive Away price shown is for a HR-V in your chosen colour. It includes metallic/pearlescent (where applicable), 12 months registration, 12 months compulsory third party insurance (CTP), a recommended dealer delivery charge, stamp duty and administration charges. The drive away price shown is based on the vehicle being garaged in the postcode you entered, and owned by a 'rating one' driver aged 40 with a good driving record and may differ depending on your circumstances and (for applicable states), your choice of insurer. We strongly recommend that you confirm the final drive away price with your Honda dealer.

~ Leather-appointed means some parts of the seats may contain synthetic material.

†7-year unlimited kilometre warranty available on new and ex-demo HR-V Runout models while stocks last, except those used for commercial purposes, where a 7-year/200,000 kilometre (whichever occurs first) warranty is applicable. Honda warranties apply where due care is exercised by the owner and the vehicle is maintained in accordance with the Owner’s Warranty and Service Manual. Please visit for full terms and conditions.

^5-year unlimited kilometre warranty available on all vehicles except those used for commercial purposes, where a 5-year/140,000 kilometre (whichever occurs first) warranty is applicable. Please speak with your Dealer or visit for full terms and conditions.

#Phoenix Orange available on RS model only.

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